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7 Perfect Gifts for Geeks

Want to get the perfect gift for the geek in your life, but not sure where to start? Well, you have a challenge before you. Geeks are notoriously particular about their content and are known to be passionate to the point of hysteria when a comic book adaptation isn't up to their standards or when a movie star photobombs someone. With such standards to live up to, you may be wondering if anything you get your geek will be good enough. Fear not! Here are seven easy, but almost universal ideas for gifts for geeks:

  1. Useful gadgetsIf there's one thing that defines geekdom, it's a love of technology, and any time you can find a simple, cool gadget that does something truly useful, you've got a hit gift for geeks. But the key is to get clever gadgets, not just something that's elicits a "neat," and is then put aside. A good example is a keychain that's got a Bluetooth tracking tag inside it. Forget where you put your keys? Just pull up your synced device and find them. There are many curated geek gift collections that will highlight truly clever tech items at reasonable prices.
  2. Geeky joke giftsTwo phrases that go hand-in-hand with geek culture are "self-referential" and "tongue-in-cheek." A true geek loves gifts that poke fun at their favorite games, movies, books and cartoons—especially in unexpected ways. These can include everything from official "unicorn" meat to zombie chocolates
  3. Small toysA lot of geek culture has emerged from the hacker ethos of the '90s and the subsequent tech/coder workplaces where playing is not frowned upon. To many geeks, play time is a way to refresh the mind, build up creativity and keep fresh ideas rolling for dedicated, important work. That's why geeks love toys, miniatures, action figures and anything that could be fun in a minor office war over the tops of cubicles.
  4. Video game memorabiliaIf you're a geek, chances are good that you either grew up playing video games, use them as recreation now, or both. Any items relating to the top games in your favorite geek's life will be a hit.
  5. Science-themed kitschAs much as geeks love their corner of pop culture, they also love cold, hard science and the amazing discoveries it's made. Anything science themed, from lab beaker pint glasses to science themed desk calendars, is likely to find a special place in your geek's heart.
  6. Movie reproductionsSometimes, it's not enough to love watching a movie—you want to actually be in it. The best way to give your geeky loved one that experience is with toys or items inspired by actual objects in movies, such as a Doctor Who sonic screwdriver pen or a foam reproduction of a Lord of the Rings sword.
  7. All of the aboveWhy choose one? One of the easiest ways to make your geek happy is to get them a steady stream of toys and gifts chosen by other geeks. Get them a monthly subscription to a box of gifts for geeks, and they'll keep getting cool new presents year-round.

What do you think your geeky friend would like?

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