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5 Reasons to Get Your Geek Friend a Truly Geeky Present

Geeks. We're not easy to shop for. With our obscure interests, piles of toys and kitsch, and obsessive love of information, it can be intimidating to pick out a present for us. That leads many of our friends and loved ones to pull back and go the other way—with a generic present like a gift card or a new tie. But if you truly want to see a smile on your geeky friend's face, get them something every bit as geeky as they are. Getting unique gifts lights our day up—for a lot of reasons. Here are five of the biggest:

  1. Geeks have a unique sense of humorA lot of the best gifts for geeks are meant to be humorous. We find strange things funny sometimes, from mashups of comic books you didn't even know existed to ironic twists on scientific facts. That may sound obscure, but it makes us easier to shop for. You don't have to find the geeky gift that's "just right"—you just have to choose one that that's going to make us laugh.
  2. There's nothing geeks love more than our favorite fandomsIf you have a geeky friend in your life, chances are you've heard wayyyy too much about their favorite movie, video game or comic book. Use that knowledge to your advantage. You might think someone with a Star Trek pillow, Star Trek coffee mug, and four Star Trek T-shirts couldn't possible want any more Federation or Klingon merchandise. But you'd be wrong. Find something that puts a new twist on their favorite show.
  3. It shows us how well you know usWe love our friends for lots of reasons, not just what you get us. But as geeks we've suffered through far too many "generic" gifts because people were scared to guess what we really wanted. By buying us something geeky, you show that you really know us.
  4. It reminds us that we're not (too) weirdMost geeks have spent a lifetime feeling like outsiders. When our friends can understand our geeky interests enough to shop for us, it reminds us that we really do fit in (sort of) and have people around us who care.
  5. Geeks love the joy of discovering new worlds, stories and ideasMost gifts for geeks are meant to be clever. They turn us on to new ideas, or introduce us to a new geeky interest. Or, they put a twist on one we already think we know inside and out. That is the gift that means the most to a geek.

What kinds of gifts could you get for the geek in your life?

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